About Us

MEet The Facilitators

Our aim is to inspire people to explore and discover more about themselves, process things they may be experiencing, and to create from the fullness of their own being.

Brian Bergman

Brian has been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness for 21 years and has been practicing conscious dance for the last 11. He is a veterinarian, a Dancing Freedom facilitator, and holds a PG Diploma in Yogic Studies, from the Bihar Yoga Bharati, in India. 

He is the founder of Dance Awake. He teaches conscious dance and other practices under Awake Human Being. He offers training in Dance Awake both as practice and training as facilitators. 


Remember a Dance
As old as the universe.
Moves through every fibre
of your Being.

Stay present to it.
Be moved by it.
Open to the conversation
Here and Now. 

The dance of life!
Where only Love
has ever moved.

Jolene Cartmill

Jolene is a Dance Awake practitioner and facilitator (training completed in 2018). She has been practicing conscious dance in various forms since 2008. Before that she trained and taught martial arts for 10 years. Additional practices include: yoga, non-compartmentalised reality awareness, conscious movement practice, dreaming and parenting. In her free time she runs a small production company and is involved in various creative projects.

On the Path

Finding our feet
Kissing with each step
The earth beneath

Some in rapid succession
Some slow and lingering

Always this dance,
Merging, flying,
Out breath, in
Our feet and the ground
Are Lovers that can’t be kept apart.