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Some words from our facilitators to inspire you. 

Brian Bergman

The Conscious Dancer

Could the state of the world, our lives, our relationships actually be ideal conditions to help us wake up to a rich, vibrant, loving, creative, and meaningful life? Is it not worth trying to discover healthy and uplifting strategies of moving in all this chaos? Methods that help us to connect with life. Paths where we can discover our strength and creativity.  Ways that help us at the very least to not be crippled by apparent state of things. 

This article presents what I know through direct experience as a great way: Conscious Dance.

"Nobody in this world is able to dance as you dance or experience life the way that you do. And that is worth celebrating"
- Brian Berman

Jolene Carmill

The Dance of Life

Coming soon

Brian Bergman

How To Drop Into a Conscious Dance Class

Once you know the  basics guidelines you will be able to easily drop in and get the most out of any conscious dance experience.