DAnce Awake

From drop-in  class offerings to residential retreats. 
The dance awake facilitators are offering the practice both in real-world events as well as online offerings. 


There are Dance Awake classes being taught weekly. Check out our Facebook event page or Instagram page for offerings. Classes come up in our instagram story usually within 24 hours of the class – so follow our page!
Also check out the individual Facilitator bios for links to their sites and class offerings.
See the Calendar below to find a class near you!

Available Online


Can anyone do the practice ?

It is possible for everyone to practice and benefit from Dance Awake. You don’t need any previous experience or training in dance. Everybody is welcome! 

I'm self conscious and awkward in my body, so is this practice for me ?

This is a common starting point for many people. If you persist you will move through all the blocks and obstacles you feel are getting in your way. They are in fact your first teachers. 

I'm often too tired to dance, is there are way of working with that ?

We always start where we are and push nothing away from our experience. Whether you are tired, anxious, nervous, depressed, or joyous, happy, excited, and full of energy, everything can be moved with.  Everything has a dance. 

Is this a religion?

No. Dance Awake is a universal practice that will no conflict with any religion or belief. It is a practice that is focused on the body and its movements. It can be considered both a great exercise and tool to manage our minds and feelings. It’s main concern is with exploring being human and how one can awaken one’s strengths and creative potential. 

Where does one start?

Join a class or even practice at home. Once you learn the basic guidelines of the practice, it can be practiced anywhere and almost all the time.

How is this a mindfulness practice?

Dance Awake is all about developing awareness. Awareness of the body, the breath, our thoughts and feelings. Over time we become more present and aware of all movements in our life. It is a movement meditation practice.